Volunteer Opportunities

Potential volunteers have many choices about how to donate their time and energy. Many, if not most, of the programs mentioned in this Directory offer opportunities to volunteer. Libraries, Churches, Food Banks, Town Offices, Hospitals, Recreational Groups, the Center on Aging, the Eastern Area Agency on Aging, and the Disability Resource Center all encourage volunteers. If any programs are specially interesting to you, call and see if they need volunteers and be sure to ask what volunteers can do. Below are listed additional programs that are largely based on volunteers.

(207) 262-7920

25 Texas Avenue, Bangor, ME, United States

Services: The mission of the Center on Aging is to promote and facilitate activities on aging in the areas of education, research, evaluation, and community service. The Center also provides engaging volunteer activities for senior citizens 55 years of age or older that benefit their communities, including those listed below.

The Senior Companion Program, (207) 262-7920, gives low income adults 55+ the opportunity to make a difference by providing assistance to home-bound adults in the form of companionship, help with independent living, and regular visits that allow continuous monitoring of their health and well-being. Senior Companion volunteers provide transportation, personal care, and meal preparation.  Their service instills greater peace of mind for family members and other caregivers who are still in the work force. Senior Companions realize intangible benefits from the services they provide to their clients such as improved feelings of self-esteem and of purpose and the satisfaction of being of value to the clients being served.  Volunteers undergo background checks, pre-service orientation and training from the organization they serve, supplemental insurance while on duty, mileage reimbursement, and, in some cases, a tax-free hourly stipend.

RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program), (207) 262-7924.  RSVP matches adults aged 55 or older with volunteer opportunities.  These include helping seniors to be active, healthy, and independent; providing respite to caregivers; supporting veterans’ needs; inspiring enthusiasm in young children for math and science; and leading early childhood literacy activities.  RSVP volunteers serve a few hours weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The service area covers four counties, including Penobscot.

ENCorps, (207) 262-7928, is a free training and support program that offers Maine people 50 years and older an opportunity to give back to their community. Each year the ENCorps program trains Mainers from around the state to be ENCorps volunteer leaders in the areas of environmental stewardship, grassroots leadership, and community development, with an emphasis on making decisions that protect and improve the quality of life for all community residents. A two-day summit includes training sessions with state and national leaders focused on improving and protecting the quality of life in Maine. The summit is followed by regular training opportunities, regional gatherings, stipend opportunities, workshops and a monthly newsletter. ENCorps partners with the Maine Community Foundation to carry out their projects.

(207) 941-2865

450 Essex Street, Bangor, ME, United States

Services: The EAAA has many opportunities to volunteer, among them:

Elder Buddies: Volunteer for Elder Buddies to help seniors who need help as well as friendship, support, and companionship.  The EAAA matches volunteers and seniors in terms of what they are looking for from the program.

Nutrition Services: Volunteer for one of the varied food programs that are described under Food and Meal Programs and Services.

EZ Fix: Volunteers who are handy with a hammer and are willing to do minor home repairs or yard maintenance or light housekeeping may want to keep this program in mind.

Money Minders Program: Volunteers help seniors create and follow a budget plan, pay bills, or balance a checkbook, or assist with creditors.

Furry Friends Food Bank: Volunteer to deliver pet food and supplies to seniors and disabled people.

Tai Chi, Yoga, and other exercise classes: If you’re athletically inclined, consider instructing others.