Organizing Services

Professional organizers are specialists with skills that enable them to help people order their homes and declutter their lives. Organizers may help by providing opinions, strategies, or resources. They know of many services that most of us don’t know about. For examples, they are likely to know about specific closet companies, movers, art appraisers, garage companies, painters, auction houses, organizing products and stores, junk companies, shredding companies, consignment stores, photo and paper scanning companies, contractors, etc. They know who is reliable and appropriate for each budget. In some cases, they may be able to offer discounts to clients. They do not throw away things without the client’s permission; rather they present clients with alternatives that range from keeping to selling or donating or trashing an item. They help people create an organizing- decluttering system so that they don’t fall back into old bad habits.


Blue Hill, Maine, United States

Services:  Works with clients by skype.  Features home clean outs to ready a home for sale, home organizing with a system that is easy to maintain, office organizing, and helping people pack for, or unpack after, a move.

(207) 989-0194

25 Harlow Street, Brewer, ME, United States

Services: Sandy Imondi helps create order out of chaos, offers a range of organizing services, and either completes the project for you or works with you so that you learn the organizing process hands-on. Services are strictly confidential and completely non-judgmental.