Elder Attorneys

Elder law concerns itself with three complex issues:
1. Estate planning and administration, including tax questions;
2. Medicaid, disability and other long-term care issues, including options that allow for sheltering income and paying for long-term health care with Medicaid; and
3. Guardianship, conservatorship and commitment matters, including fiduciary administration.

Specific issues that are subsumed under elder law include wills; trusts; guardianships; protection against elder abuse, neglect, and fraud; end-of-life planning; all levels of disability and medical care; retirement planning; Social Security benefits; Medicare and Medicaid coverage; Medicaid planning; consumer protection; nursing homes and in-home care; powers of attorney; medical care directives; declarations and powers of attorney; landlord/tenant needs; real estate and mortgage assistance; various levels of advice, counseling, and advocacy about rights; tax issues; and discrimination.