Home Repairs

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347 Maple Street, Bangor, ME, USA

Services: Blanchard provides handyman services, including deck building, door replacement, renovations, finish carpentry, hand railings, pressure washing, siding, stairs, window replacements, wood flooring, and much more. They also remove junk.

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450 Essex Street, Bangor, ME, United States

Services: EZ Fix is a fee-for-service program available to seniors over 50 and people with disabilities. Costs $20/hour for a handyman or housekeeper for relatively affluent seniors.  The money raised supports low-income seniors who can’t afford to pay the full rate.

There is a sliding fee schedule based on income for low-income seniors.  Clients pay for travel time, hourly wage and all materials required for the job.  For large jobs that require more than a handyman, the EAAA provides a data base on reputable contractors.

The EAAA also has a Home Safety Checklist to help people look for problems or potential problems.

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358 Main Street, Old Town, ME, USA

Services: This program targets elderly and disabled homeowners in the community that need small accessibility alterations and minor repairs done in their homes to allow them to remain living independently and aging gracefully. This program is completely free to qualified individuals.

  • People who can participate must be 60+ years old or have a disability
  • Eligible participants must own their own home or live in a home owned by a family member
  • Eligibility is limited to people living in Old Town, Orono, Milford, Veazie, Bradley, Greenbush, Greenfield, Alton, Hudson, or Argyle
  • Eligibility has income requirements; an annual household income under $34,100 for one, $38,950 for two, or $43,800 for three.