Funeral Arrangements

Funeral Homes offer a range of services. Depending upon the wishes and needs of the family, there are many possible tasks that funeral home personnel will perform. These include:

Preplan funeral arrangements. If the deceased has described in writing what funeral arrangements are wanted, then next of kin and friends are less likely to conflict and less likely to feel pressured into more extravagant options;

Serve families on call after a death occurs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;

Remove and transfer the deceased from the place of death (home, nursing home, hospital, etc.) to the funeral home as well as to and from the crematory;

Provide professional care of the body of the deceased, which may include washing, embalming, restorative art, dressing, casketing, hairdressing, and cosmetology;

Consult with the family to gather information necessary for completing paperwork (certificate of death, etc.) and to arrange the funeral service;

Formulate, complete and file necessary paperwork, including certificates of death, or other permits and authorizations; acquire a requested amount of certified copies of the certificate of death;

Compose, with the provided information, an obituary, including service information, biographical information and survivor information, and send to all newspapers requested;

Assist the family by contacting requested clergy, other officiants, musicians, and singers;

Make arrangements with any special groups (military, fraternal, etc.) to be present at/or participate in, funeral services; arrange for honorariums to be given to appropriate persons;

Contact and arrange necessary details with the cemetery, crematory, or other places;

Inquire about fees, regulations, and other requirements prior to funeral services;

Help families answer questions about veterans’ affairs, social security benefits, insurance claims and the like;

Provide memorial products such as a register book, acknowledgement cards, thank-you cards, memorial folders, prayer cards, and Memorial Tribute DVDs;

Arrange flowers, framed photos, photo collages, and other memorial pieces in chapel during services and/or visitation; insure their care of and return to family after the services;

Direct the selected funeral services in a professional manner, from visitation, to funeral service, processional, disposition of remains (burial, cremation, etc.);

Deliver to the family, at the conclusion of the service, flowers, register book, flower cards, memorial contributions, displayed photos, Memorial Tribute DVD, and the like;

Assist the family with needed arrangements after the service, including death dates added to existing monuments or purchase of new monuments.


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