Food Programs

Nutrition is important for maintaining health as people age. Unfortunately, many people in Maine are food insecure, meaning they cannot get the amount or type of food they need to thrive. Being homebound, having difficulty driving, living in a remote area, or being on a small fixed income can all be challenges for accessing food. Happily, there are a variety of options. Churches in the area sometimes host regular meals and/or offer food cupboards. Eastern Area Agency on Aging offers numerous nutrition programs—some encourage people to get together to share meals in a group setting. For those who cannot leave their homes, there are formal services such as Meals on Wheels whereby a driver will deliver a nutritious meal at low cost. There are even options for helping to buy food for a pet! The following listings provide contact information for the various food services that are available in Bangor area communities.

(207) 478-0106

696 River Road, Orrington, ME, USA

Services: food pantries on the first and third Saturday 11am-1pm in Bucksport, Dedham, Holden, Orland, and Orrington.