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Services: Deighan Wealth Advisors is a fee-only firm, meaning that their employees may not charge or accept commissions, referral fees, and other similar fees. There follows what the advisors consider their distinguishing principles:

Objective, Unbiased Advice. Deighan Wealth Advisors, formerly Deighan Associates, was founded in 1994 on the belief that investors deserve objective, unbiased advice. As privately owned, independent investment advisors, Deighan advisors are free to make investment recommendations and financial planning recommendations based solely on what’s best for clients.

Areas of Expertise. Deighan’s team of highly skilled professionals has overlapping expertise in the areas of investment management, financial planning, estates, and trusts. They work predominantly with high net-worth individuals and their families, but also manage corporate retirement plans. Deighan’s advisors serve endowments primarily as members of non-profit organizations’ Board of Directors and their endowment investment committees.

Discretionary, Fee-Only Advisor. Deighan’s advisors are discretionary asset managers, meaning that clients give advisors discretion to research and implement investment strategies on their behalf. Deighan advisors do not receive any form of transaction-based income like commissions, referral fees, or sales charges. As a fee-only advisor, Deighan’s interests are directly aligned with those of their clients.

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Services: The three agent offices listed above provide a range of financial services tailored to the clients’ needs. Clients enter one-on-one relationships with a financial advisor to help them with wealth management, retirement planning, educational savings, life insurance, legacy planning, and investment strategizing.

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Services: At Fidelity, wealth management means people can have a dedicated financial advisor who will work with them and for them, providing clear recommendations to help people grow and protect their wealth. Backed by industry-leading research and analysis, Fidelity provides straightforward one-on-one guidance, expert insights and investment tools, and a large range of investment products including stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, and precious metals. They also can provide annuities. Planning for the future means planning for the curve balls, the surprises, and the joyful moments. Fidelity can help people reach their goals by helping prepare a financial plan—one flexible enough to weather all of life’s ups and downs.

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Services: Maine Retirement Annuities, Inc., is a full-service retirement planning company serving Farmington and the state of Maine. Maine Retirement Annuities, Inc., provides retirement planning to families nearing or already enjoying retirement. The mission is to provide the families and businesses with innovative financial strategiesso as to provide financial clarity, solutions, and improve quality of life. Making strong commitments to clients and building life-long relationships are tenets of success at Maine Retirement Annuities, Inc.After a thorough and careful financial discovery with the client, Maine Retirement Annuities analyzes the client’s personal financial situation — risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, and retirement goals — and creates a retirement plan that is unique to the client’s situation.

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Services: Means prides itself on formulating financial plans suited to the client and his or her goals. They begin by exploring the details of the client’s current financial picture and long-term objectives. They discuss retirement plans, liabilities, and philanthropic interests. They determine the client’s risk tolerance. With the client’s goals in mind, the advisor will explore current financial circumstances, identifying any obvious problems. The advisor will seek a complete understanding of the financial situation before beginning to map out feasible, sustainable paths toward the client’s goals. Then, the Means advisor will construct comprehensive strategies tailored to the client’s risk tolerance and time constraints. The guidance is unbiased and honest, acting in the clients’ best interest, not their own. Means advisors work with the client to implement the strategy. In some cases, the plan involves collaborating with outside professionals such as an estate attorney or accountant. At every stage, clients receive updates on progress and next steps. After the new plan is fully implemented, the Means advisors will check in regularly and review changes in the market, the client’s objectives, and the client’s financial situation. Reassessments and refinements will occur as necessary.