Eye and Vision

If you need an eye-care specialist, ask a friend or trusted professional for a referral to an optometrist or ophthalmologist or look for referral sources in this section.

(207) 561-4000

45 Oak Street, Bangor, ME, United States

Services: The DBVI provides many services for people with severe visual impairments, including: independent living services (skills training is taught/trained such as meal preparation, shopping, and cleaning, money management, effective communication, safe travel, and using assistive technology), vocational rehabilitation (help both to get a job, return to employment, or retain a job), information, and samples of high- and low- tech assistance.  The service can also provide information about financial services that legally-blind people are eligible for, including SSI or SSDI through the Social Security Office (see Social Security Counseling) and Real Estate Tax Exemptions.


Services: U.S. citizens and legal residents 65 years of age and older who have not seen an ophthalmologist in 3 or more years are eligible to receive a comprehensive medical eye exam and up to one year of care for any disease diagnosed during the exam– without cost.  Patients without insurance are eligible for free services.  Volunteer ophthalmologists will waive co-payments and accept Medicare and other insurance reimbursement as payment in full.  Patients without insurance receive this care at no cost. You may apply on line.  Follow directions on website.

(207) 262-8730

663 Stillwater Avenue, Bangor, ME, USA

Services: Offers some discounts for eyewear, One Sight Program, available for low income adults to get a low-cost or free pair of eyeglasses with letter from a provider. Letter needs to be on agency letterhead and should include the agency’s Tax ID #. They also do eye exams.

1-800-762-7106 or (207) 287-5650

Augusta, ME 04333, United States

Services: This library provides books by mail for homebound disabled residents, including large print, talking books, and Braille materials as well as commercial films that have been augmented by special narration that provides descriptions of action for people with visual impairments.