Many churches provide community members with services such as information and referrals for varied issues, caregiver resources, companionship programs, help with emergencies, help with arranging funerals, food programs, recreation, thrift shops and volunteer jobs.


Services/Addresses: The following locations offer produce, meats, boxed and canned good that have been donated from local grocery stores.  The locations below begin serving at 10am.  Call for more information.

Monday–Hermon Baptist Church, 249 Route 2, Hermon

Tuesday— Levant Fire Department, 3917 Union Street, Levant

Wednesday–Wesleyan Church, 146 Center Street, Bangor

Thursday–Glenburn Covenant Church, 911 Hudson Road, Glenburn

Friday–Apostolic Lighthouse Church, 527 Hammond Street, Bangor

Saturday—The Rock Church, 1195 Ohio Street, Bangor