Caregiver Resources

Most caregiving in the United States is informal rather than through paid services. During our lifetimes, many of us will provide care to someone — a spouse, family member, or friend. While gratifying, caregiving can be demanding and may require specialized skills. The following resources provide tips and guidance for providing care to someone. Caregiving for people with dementias, such as Alzheimer’s Disorder, is described under Dementia Care. The caregiving resources in this section can help with many of the issues a person is likely to encounter in caregiving. Agencies that help with caregiving can provide education, support, and information about community resources; teach practical skills; and /or offer support for grief and loss.

Toll Free: TTY 711, AARP Maine: 1 (866) 554-5380

53 Baxter Boulevard, Portland, ME 04101, United States

Services: Provides family caregiving services such as planning, resources, benefits, insurance, legal and money matters, self-care, senior housing, end of life care, and grief and loss support.

Phone: Toll Free: TTY 711, AARP Maine: 1 (866) 554-5380

(207) 941-2865

450 Essex Street, Bangor, ME, United States

Services:  A Caregiver Specialist at the EAAA can provide or arrange to give information and assistance, individual counseling, support groups, caregiver training, respite care, and other services at no cost to the family. The EAAA offers a Family Caregiver Support Program, that provides the services described above to grandparents caring for children and families caring for older individuals.

(207) 944-2523

PO Box 1122, Bangor

Services: A private Aging Life Care/ Geriatric Care Management company located in Bangor that provides varied services including advocacy, assessment, placement, education, counseling, consultation, information/referral, and crisis intervention.  After an assessment, the care manager develops a service plan.